Thursday, October 12, 2006

Judge Jones is in the media again, and it’s a good thing, too

About a year ago, I traveled during my fall break from Des Moines, Iowa to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to watch a bit of the Kitzmiller v. Dover proceedings (the six-week intelligent design trial). When court was called into session, it quickly became clear to me that Judge John Jones was holding everyone in that courtroom--himself, attorneys, parties, witnesses, journalists, community members--to high standards of professional conduct.

Since issuing the ruling in that case last December, Judge Jones has been more visible in the media than most federal judges, and in my opinion, his discussion of his role in deciding the case enhances the credibility of the judiciary at a time when so much of the judiciary seems to be under attack. Most recently, he was interviewed for the magazine of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, a mainline protestant denomination of which he is a member. Hat tip, National Center for Science Education.


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