Friday, January 05, 2007

Forever Young

In a stunning revelation, a family has made public their choice to use hormone and surgical treatment at a Seattle hospital to prevent the further growth and development of their severely disabled daughter, Ashley. Even more remarkably, far from hide their decision to embark on what they call the "Ashley treatment", the family has posted details on their website of their daughter's life so far, the thought process that led them to this radical medical treatment, and their hopes for Ashley's future. Here is how the family has justified and summarized the "Ashley treatment":
It was obvious to us that we could significantly elevate Ashley’s adult quality of life by pursuing the following three goals:

1- Limiting final height using high-dose estrogen therapy.

2- Avoiding menstruation and cramps by removing the uterus (hysterectomy).

3- Limiting growth of the breasts by removing the early breast buds.
The family suggests on its website that there are other families who consider such a treatment potentially desirable for their own severely disabled children. This story is sure to continuing unfolding. Watch this space.


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