Tuesday, January 23, 2007

On The Menu At Davos

The World Economic Forum ("WEF"), held in Davos, Switzerland, kicks off today. In addition to speeches by Angela Merkel, John Kerry, and other elite "opinion-makers", A-list invitees representing the worlds of politics, wealth-making and wealth-managing, business, the arts, and academia will attend presentations on such hot topics as the future of the American dollar, philanthropy, and the currently moribund Doha round of World Trade Organization negotiations.

Notably, this year's WEF agenda highlights numerous issues highly relevant to biolaw. In fact, soon after the Chandon and single malt scotches begin to flow, participants will work off their buzz at the first session of the conference: "The Legal Landscape around Climate Change".

Other biolaw topics abound, including

1.24.2007 - CNBC Debate - Make Green Pay, Why Do Brains Sleep? (including consideration of the vitally self-important subject of "Do leaders sleep less?"), AIDS 2025, and The Security Implications of Climate Change.

1.25.2007 - Robotics Unleashed, What the Mind Teaches Us about Education, Relationships and Self-Esteem, Depression, Stem Cells, Early Warning and Crisis Preparedness, The Scent of Success, Creating New Body Parts, Climate Change: A Call to Action, Reverse Engineering the Brain, The Global Playing Field for Intellectual Property Rights, Can Markets Save the Planet?, Emerging Nutrition Markets, and Me, Myself and My Identity.

1.26.2007 - Technology for a Healthy Future, Privacy: Your Life as an Open Book, Engineering Nature's Power Solutions, Who Funds Research and Innovation?, The Procreation Choice, Science and Development, BBC World Debate: Climate Change, African Agriculture: Ready for a Revolution, Fighting Low-Profile Diseases, The Human Lifespan, How Much Should the Industrialized World Spend on Healthcare?, The Battle against Cancer - A Progress Report, Hurricanes, Heatwaves and High Seas, The Price of Becoming Old, and Health in the City.

1.27.2007 - Building Health Systems in Developing Markets, Genetic Screening: Seeing the Future?, A Blueprint for Human Settlement of the Solar System, The Fate of the Universe and the Search for Life, Pandemics: Monitoring a Risk in Hibernation, and The Impact of Web 2.0 and Emerging Social Network Models.

The conference then draws to an elegant conclusion at the Schatzalp Hotel, a posh alpine location where fortunate attendees can "enjoy the beautiful views from this mountain pasture". Perhaps, if they are patient enough, as they practice their newfound skills at Eclectic Fine Wines and consider making a personal investment in The Singles Economy, they will notice the view altering before their very eyes, as ancient Alpine glaciers melt away from the accelerating onslaught of global warming.


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