Wednesday, September 10, 2008

one more reason to worry

It amazes me that recent news about the accelerating melting of arctic ice doesn't seem to be causing nearly the public uproar one might expect.

Well, here is a new wakeup call. A melting arctic might not only raise sea level, change global climate patterns, and doom vast swaths of flora and fauna. It might also release THE BLOB.

Not many people remember what happened exactly fifty years ago in a small town in Pennsylvania. But, I bet Steve MacQueen and the traumatized residents of Phoenixville do!

In 1958, the United States captured an alien invader that was terrorizing a small Pennsylvania town. The alien's secret weakness--it could not stand the cold (kind of an evil, anti-Frosty, I guess.) So, armed with fire extinguishers, the town's defenders froze the alien Blob. The powers that be disposed of the evildoer in the frozen Arctic, permanently--OR SO THEY THOUGHT!!

Now, the arctic ice that keeps us safe from the Blob is melting!! Scientists say that Alaska might be one of the first places to suffer from global climate change. But this particular threat from melting ice seems to be under the radar screen. Who knows what horror might be unleashed, maybe even in a small town in Alaska that is home to a spunky telegenic ex-mayor who has national political aspirations.

I guess Wasilla, and all the small towns like it, can take comfort in the fact that Sarah Palin does not believe that human activity is contributing to global warming. Or maybe we can all relax because according to the Alaska governer's website, September is energy efficiency month.


Blogger Unknown said...

We just watched "The Blob" tonight. What's most ironic is that the last line is "As long as the Arctic stays frozen."

Unfortunately, as you might know from other various movies, cartoons, etc., the Blob isn't the only terror frozen in the Arctic ice: Dinosaurs (Fleischer Studios' Superman episode "The Arctic Giant", and the 1950's monster movie "The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms), giant snakes (SciFi original movie), and subcutaneous parasites (X-Files episode "Ice") to name a few.

So, theoretically, we could be in for not only climatic changes that could devastate coastal regions of the world, but monsters will soon invade our cities and eat us.

So apparently, we're DOOMED.

10/14/2008 7:15 PM  

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