Thursday, April 03, 2008

Biolaw: Law at the Frontiers of Biology

Interface and Pain, watercolors by Sharon Burgmayer

Herewith the video proceedings of the Kansas Law Review's symposium, Biolaw: Law at the Frontiers of Biology (November 9, 2007), to be published in volume 55, issue 4 of the Review.

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Jim Chen, Biolaw: Cracking the Code (see also this Biolaw summary)
Andrew Torrance, Patents and the Future of Human Evolution
Peter Barton Hutt, The State of the Art in Food and Drug Law
Senator Adlah Donastorg (United States Virgin Islands), Lunchtime Address
Henry T. Greely, Law and Human Biological Enhancement
Rudolf H. Beese & Jerry Menikoff, Cutting Edge Legal Issues in Biotechnology


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