Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Law And Neuroscience In Italy

The European Science Foundation will be holding a fascinating research conference on law and neuroscience this fall. The conference is entitled "LAW AND NEUROSCIENCE: OUR GROWING UNDERSTANDING OF THE HUMAN BRAIN AND ITS IMPACT ON OUR LEGAL SYSTEM", and its aim is

to establish a dialogue between neuroscientists, legal practitioners, researchers in sociolegal studies and social scientists, to further mutual understanding and make some realistic evaluations of the potential developments at the intersection of neuroscience and law.

A star-studded cast of law and neuroscience scholars address fascinating issues in one of the most important emergent fields of law, including:

* The legal and societal impact of recent neurobiological research on aggression, impulsivity and anti social conduct;
* The impact of brain imaging technologies on the criminal justice system. Impact of neuroscience on criminal responsibility, sentencing and punishment;
* Evidence from current cases in criminal and civil law on the impact of neuroscience on witness credibility and the rules of evidence. Problems, possibilities and perils of neuroscience based lie detection;
* The implications of the use of neuroscience for screening, risk prediction and preventive interventions;
* Challenges to law and regulation in Europe posed by the neurosciences.

The conference has the additional benefit of taking place in Acquafredda di Maratea, Italy. Abstracts may be submitted until July 16, 2009, and conference will take place from October 26th-31st, 2009. Full details, including the preliminary program, lodging options, and application forms are available at the conference website.


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